WarP-Drive Industrial DC Speed Controller


The WarP-Drive Industrial (a.k.a. the "WarP-Drive 2 ") has now replaced the Classic controller. It has many great features that make it an attractive motor speed controller choice for all classes of high power DC electric vehicle conversions.

The base unit comes programmed for 1000A rated output at 400V, and is user-upgradeable to 1200 and 1400 amps. The WarP-Drive comes from the factory with CANbus connectivity, which gives it endless capabilities to operate in conjunction with already-in-development third-party hardware solutions.

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Quick Specifications:

  • 400 volt nominal DC input capability
  • 1000/1200/1400 amps available
  • 550A continuous rating with 1.5GPM liquid cooling
  • Dimensions: 22x7x4 in
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • Built-in precharging
  • Dual CANbus ports
  • Film capacitors in the power section
  • Completely sealed device.


Product Features:

New and Improved Features


This new Industrial WarP-Drive controller has many exciting enhancements from our Classic version:


  • Almost double the continuous current rating of the Classic (Warp-Drive 1) controller, or around 550 amps vs. 275 amps of the Classic. While the majority of conversions require less than even the 275 amps, the higher rating gives it additional safety margin and performance for a wider range of applications. You'll also note that the new pricing for both controllers is the same. So you are getting a lot more for your money with the WarP-Drive Industrial controller.
  • Completely sealed waterproof metal enclosure gives greater protection from the harsh under-hood environment and a reduction in EMI emissions.
  • Weighs in at under 23lbs. For comparison, a Z1K package weights about 15.5lbs and a Soliton1 weighs 33lbs.
  • Dimensions are approximately 20x7x4 (LxWxH). That gives a total volume of 560 cubic inches. For comparison, a Z1K has a total combined volume (power section and Hairball) of 352 cubic inches and a Soliton1 has a volume of 918 cubic inches.
  • Battery connections are on one end and motor connections on the other.
  • All electrical connections are completely protected. The power cables enter the enclosure through high-quality ratcheting cable glands where they are protected from being touched or shorted during operation. We think you'll find that this is a superior method to connecting the power cables, and will give a much more OEM appearance to installations.
  • 1/2" OD copper tubing for liquid cooling ports allow for maximum flow rate through the intensely-powerful internal custom liquid chill plate. Liquid cooling kit connections are simplified with -8 AN compression fittings for the Performance cooling kit. With the standard kit, no adapters are required.
  • All outside low-current connections now use Deutsch connectors. These are some of the finest connectors on the market. The throttle connector uses gold-plated contacts to ensure long-term reliability. The controller ships with a 4ft pigtail connector for the main connections.
  • A rotary switch for selecting the desired throttle unit is now provided on the internal circuit boards and can be accessed when the main cover is off. If the switch position is set to "0", the throttle is software-selectable. Also available are the termination headers for the CANbus, allowing the user to configure whether the controller CANbus is terminated or not.
  • The Industrial unit has dual current sensors for the main current flow. This provides an added layer of safety so the controller can self-check if the current flow is correct.
  • Throttle channels are now completely electrically isolated from the 12V system and the high voltage system. Additionally, both independent throttle channels are isolated from each other. This offers the highest level of protection and safety available for the critical throttle input system.
  • The Industrial controller has internal circuitry to perform a check on the isolation between pack and chassis. While not a replacement for proper installation and regular safety checks to verify isolation, it does give an added layer of protection to warn if there is an isolation issue.
  • A jumper is provided internally that allows for a main contactor coil suppression circuit to be connected or disconnected. On contactors that provide their own coil suppression (e.g. Kilovac EV200 and most standard Gigavac contactors).
  • The controller can operate now within the full range of 11-18VDC on the 12V supply (the controller will remain powered from 9V to 11V, however a fault code will be generated). The Classic unit has a limit on the high end of 16V. Additionally, the Key-Input line with this version is more tolerant of noise and fluctuations.


Variable DC Voltage Input/Output

The unit can be initially purchased with 160, 260, or 360V nominal limits. Customers can purchase upgrades at any time that allow the end-user to perform the upgrade. This versatility allows customers to start with a feature-packed controller, and scale to higher pack voltages as budget allows.

The output voltage (motor voltage) can be configured using our Interface Module to limit the voltage that the motor sees. This is especially useful for higher pack voltages used with motors that are limited (such as the NetGain WarP, ImPulse, and TransWarP, which have a limit of 160-170V).

Liquid Cooling

The best controllers on the market use liquid cooling to wick away the heat produced. The WarP-Drive uses precision machined liquid chill plates. Connecting to the chill plate is extremely easy! We also carry two custom cooling kits for the WarP-Drive. These kits are designed to be installed in minimal time.

Temperature Safety

Designed for any temperature situation, the WarP-Drive internally protects itself from overheating. When using the available cooling kits, temperatures can usually be limited to below 55C. However, some situations can arise causing the temperatures to rise above this (e.g. a pump failure). At 55C, maximum power output capability begins to decrease. At 95C, the amp-output capability hits zero.

Hall Effect Throttle Input

The WarP-Drive exclusively uses a Hall-effect throttle input (no 0-5kohm "potboxes"!). These throttle channels are completely electrically isolated from each other and the chassis ground. NetGain Controls provides two types of throttle assemblies. One is a complete pedal unit. And for those who have used a pot-box in the past or those simply not wanting to change out the original accelerator pedal, an automotive-quality unit is available that can connect to the existing throttle cable.

Simple Installation Without Sacrificing Functionality

The WarP-Drive is very simple to install. It ships with a 4ft pigtail for connecting to the controller. In addition to the high power cable connections, there are only 10 wires that have to be connected. A brake input line is provided for additional safety to shut the controller down when the brake is pressed. A reverse input is also available to trigger an alternate setting profile. This feature can be used to toggle between two performance modes, with different amp and voltage limitation settings. The Industrial controller has a rotary switch on the internal board that allows the installer to select the installed throttle. It also has a jumper for selecting whether the internal main contactor coil suppression is connected or disconnected. This should be selected for contactors that do not provide internal coil suppression (e.g. Albright SW-200).

Safe, Durable Connections

Consumer safety was of utmost priority when designing the WarP-Drive Industrial. As such, the high voltage terminals on the controller were placed inside the enclosure. This eliminates the need for clumsy add-on devices to shield these high voltage connections and makes for a very clean installation.

Throttle, precharging, and data output terminals on the controller's front are automotive quality, waterproof connectors.

External Construction Optimized for Size, Weight, Function, and Durability

The WarP-Drive weighs in at just under 23lbs (10.4kg)! It is approximately 4 1/4" high, 7" wide, and 20" long. All core functionality is built into the single unit, eliminating the need to mount multiple enclosures.

The WarP-Drive enclosure is completely aluminum, with the top and sides being anodized. These plates are not only visually appealing, they also act as an extra heat sink to wick away heat.

The Quality You'd Expect From NetGain

The WarP-Drive controller by NetGain Controls, Inc., has the quality you would expect from the NetGain name. The controller is built with the highest quality components. Each unit is assembled and tested in a professional electronics assembly facility and shipped in our attractive custom foam packaging.





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