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The WarP-Drive Classic (a.k.a. the "WarP-Drive 1") is our original version controller that has now been discontinued. We continue to provide warrantee service on qualifying Classic Controllers. It has many great features that make it an attractive motor speed controller choice for light weight to medium high power DC electric vehicle conversions. For additional features and a higher continuous current rating, see our WarP-Drive Industrial unit.

The base unit comes programmed for 1000A rated output at 160V, and is user-upgradeable to 1200 and 1400 amps and 260 and 360 volts. The WarP-Drive comes from the factory with CANbus connectivity, which gives it endless capabilities to operate in conjunction with already-in-development third-party hardware solutions.

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Quick Specifications:

  • 160/260/360 volt operation
  • 1000/1200/1400 amps available
  • 275A continuous rating with 1.5GPM liquid cooling (this rating suitable for most passenger vehicles in the 3000lb range)
  • Dimensions: 10.75x9x6 in
  • Weight: 16.5lbs
  • Built-in precharging
  • Dual CANbus ports
  • Film capacitors in the power section


Product Features:

Variable DC Voltage Input/Output

The unit can be initially purchased with 160, 260, or 360V nominal limits. Customers can purchase upgrades at any time that allow the end-user to perform the upgrade. This versatility allows customers to start with a feature-packed controller, and scale to higher pack voltages as budget allows.

The output voltage (motor voltage) can be configured using our Interface Module to limit the voltage that the motor sees. This is especially useful for higher pack voltages used with motors that are limited (such as the NetGain WarP, ImPulse, and TransWarP, which have a limit of 160-170V).

Liquid Cooling

The best controllers on the market use liquid cooling to wick away the heat produced. The WarP-Drive uses precision machined liquid chill plates. Connecting to the chill plate is extremely easy! We also carry two custom cooling kits for the WarP-Drive. These kits are designed to be installed in minimal time.

Temperature Safety

Designed for any temperature situation, the WarP-Drive internally protects itself from overheating. When using the available cooling kits, temperatures can usually be limited to below 55C. However, some situations can arise causing the temperatures to rise above this (e.g. a pump failure). At 55C, maximum power output capability begins to decrease. At 95C, the amp-output capability hits zero.

Hall Effect Pedal Input

The WarP-Drive exclusively uses a Hall-effect throttle input (no 0-5kohm "potboxes"!). NetGain Controls provides two types of throttle assemblies. One is a complete pedal unit. And for those who have used a pot-box in the past or those simply not wanting to change out the original accelerator pedal, an automotive-quality unit is available that can connect to the existing throttle cable.

Simple Installation Without Sacrificing Functionality

The WarP-Drive is very simple to install. It ships with a 4ft pigtail for connecting to the controller. In addition to the high power cable connections, there are only 10 wires that have to be connected. A brake input line is provided for additional safety to shut the controller down when the brake is pressed. A reverse input is also available to trigger an alternate setting profile. This feature can be used to toggle between two performance modes, with different amp and voltage limitation settings.

Safe, Durable Connections

Consumer safety was of utmost priority when designing the WarP-Drive. As such, the high voltage terminals on the controller were placed on top, with generous distances separating them. When connecting terminals are outfitted with protective boots, this setup decreases the chance of a dropped tool arcing across terminals. Connecting and disconnecting the main power cables is much safer, as a single hand can be used.

Throttle, precharging, and data output terminals on the controller's front are automotive quality, waterproof connectors. Although the controller should be located away from frequent direct exposure to liquids, it can take splashings without any problems.

External Construction Optimized for Size, Weight, Function, and Durability

The WarP-Drive weighs in at just under 16.5lbs (7.5kg)! It is approximately 6 " high (to top of capscrews), 9" wide, and 10.75" long. All core functionality is built into the single unit, eliminating the need to mount multiple enclosures.

The WarP-Drive's base plate and side plates are made of anodized aluminum. These plates are not only visually appealing, they also act as an extra heat sink to wick away heat.

The clear plastic cover is made of the highest flammability rated polycarbonate (UL94V-0). Besides resisting burning, the cover also resists warping due to sun exposure. At about 1/8" thick, the cover is almost impervious to shattering or denting.

The Quality You'd Expect From NetGain

The WarP-Drive controller by NetGain Controls, Inc., has the quality you would expect from the NetGain name. The unit is built with the highest quality components, and assembled in a professional electronics assembly facility.





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