SynkroMotive DC Speed Controller


The SynkroMotive is the newest addition to our product lineup. It has many great features that make it an economical motor speed controller choice for most conversions.

The unit operates on packs up to 180 volts and can provide up to 750 amps of current for impressive durations. Extensive testing has been done to develop the SynkroMotive into a rock-solid device. It comes with an array of features that rival the best controllers on the market. It's sophisticated air-cooled design allows it to operate at high power levels without any need for liquid cooling. Dollar-for-dollar, it is the best value proposition on the market.

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Quick Specifications:

  • Up to 180 volt DC input capability
  • 750 amps available
  • Dimensions: 12x9x4.5 in
  • Weight: 6 lbs 8oz
  • Built-in precharging
  • Dual CANbus ports
  • Isolated control wiring
  • Advanced user interface w/ fuel gauge
  • Support for dual-channel throttle units
  • Numerous safety features
  • RPM limiting
  • Simple air-cooled design for the easiest installation possible


Product Features:


The SynkroMotive has been in development for the last several years undergoing extensive testing and verification. We are proud to offer it now as one of the premier controllers on the market. Some of its key features are listed below:


Medium Level Power in an Air-Cooled Package

The unit comes ready for packs up to 180 volts and can provide up to 750 amps - all without the need for liquid cooling. It has proven itself in various environments and a multitude of vehicles. It is the perfect controller for mid-size conversions that have the goal of good peak performance and continuous standard-duty operation all in an affordable package.

The internal blower moves a sizeable amount of air through the controller, adjusting for the power demands of the driver to deliver the necessary cooling. Internal temperature monitoring ensures that the controller is not operated outside of its safe limits.

Hall Effect Throttle Input

The SynkroMotive, as with all NetGain Controls products, exclusively uses a Hall-effect throttle input (no 0-5kohm "potboxes"!). NetGain Controls provides two types of throttle assemblies. One is a complete pedal unit. And for those who have used a pot-box in the past or those simply not wanting to change out the original accelerator pedal, an automotive-quality unit is available that can connect to the existing throttle cable.

Simple Installation Without Sacrificing Functionality

The SynkroMotive is very simple to install. It ships with a 4ft pigtail for connecting to the controller. In addition to the high power cable connections, there are only 10 wires that have to be connected. A brake input line is provided for additional safety to shut the controller down when the brake is pressed. A reverse input is also available to trigger an alternate setting profile. This feature can be used to toggle between two performance modes, with different amp and voltage limitation settings.

Construction Optimized for Size, Weight, Function, and Durability

The SynkroMotive weighs in at just under 7lbs (3kg)! It is approximately 4.5" high, 9 " wide, and 12 " long. You won't find a lighter, smaller controller with the same power capabilities as the SynkroMotive!

The SynkroMotive enclosure is a combination of aluminum and plastic. Convenient mounting feet make it easy to install.

The Quality You'd Expect From NetGain Products

The SynkroMotive controller has the quality you would expect from the NetGain name. The controller is built with the highest quality components. Each unit is assembled and tested in a professional electronics assembly facility and carefully packaged to provide you with the best experience possible.





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