WarP Motor Speed Sensor Kit

Compatible Motors:

WarP 8, WarP 9, WarP 11, Impulse 9

Part #WP-SS-E875

Compatible Motors:

TransWarP 7, 9, 11 , 11HV, and WarP 13

Part #WP-SS-E1125


Installation Manual

Specification Sheet



This Speed Sensor was designed in the USA specifically for the WarP series of motors with a tailshaft diameter of .875" and replaces the Zolox Speed Sensor. However, the kit could fit any motor with an exposed tail shaft.


To install the sensor, slide the exciter ring over the tailshaft of the motor, then using the included stainless steel mounting plate, situate the sensor so that it points directly at the exciter ring. As the shaft turns, the sensor records shaft rpm. Because of the exciter ring's small size, a portion of the shaft can also be used to power a compressor or other device requiring shaft input.


To install the sensor to a tachometer gauge, use the included adapter harness. Hook the wires on the adapter directly to the corresponding wires on the tachometer, and then plug the adapter's connector into the sensor cable's.

The pin output is as follows:


GND (Black) - Ground for sensor

SIG (Green) - signal from sensor

12Vo (Red) - 12 volts, current limited, to power the sensor. The AutoBlock will provide 12 volts. Other devices (such as tach gauges) may require an external power source and shared ground.


The sensor must be as close as possible to the rotating exciter ring. While the sensor should work fine being 1/4" away from the ring, we recommend a distance of 1/16".



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