QuasaR Power Distribution Unit


The QuasaR Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a revolutionary concept for the electric vehicle market. The PDU consists of multiple power devices packaged into a single unit for ultimate ease of installation, maximization in power density, and minimization of cost. A complete QuasaR is comprised of a controller, charger, DC-DC converter, together with contactors. Shipment of the QuasaR is scheduled for Summer 2016.


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Quick Specifications:

  • Works with up to 370VDC battery pack
  • 1000 amp controller (discharge from battery pack to series wound motor)
  • Up to 10 kW AC Charging
  • Internal DC-DC converter with up to 53A provided to high quality connector, voltage adjustable from 12 to 15 volts via trimpot
  • DC fast charge up to 150kW
  • Liquid cooling with large 1/2in diameter tubes for low pressure drop
  • Native J1772 compatibility
  • All contactors built in
  • Dimensions: 18.5x14.5x5.5 inches
  • 42 lbs total weight
  • Built-in precharging
  • CANbus
  • Film capacitors in the power section
  • Completely sealed device with cable glands for all power cable connections and high quality waterproof connectors for all other wiring
  • Intelligent PWM control for external motor blower
  • Liquid cooling pump control output
  • Provision for charging of external battery pack from traction pack


Product Features:


Versatile Operation in the Smallest Footprint Possible

The QuasaR is completely new concept for electric vehicles. It takes advantage of the ability to share components that are common between various critical devices to achieve a lower cost, more compact, easier to install product.

Currently the device is capable of up to 1000 amp motor control operation. The charger is capable of 300 amps at up to 370 volts for DC fast charging from a DC source. It also has J1772 compatibility for single phase AC charging at up to 10 kW.

Liquid Cooling

All internal components are cooled by a common liquid cooled platform. Liquid cooling offers the most compact design possible with the highest efficiency in heat removal of any alternatives. We carry two custom cooling kits that are compatible with the QuasaR. These kits are designed to be installed in minimal time.

Temperature Safety

Designed for any temperature situation, the QuasaR internally protects itself from overheating. When using the available cooling kits, temperatures can usually be limited to below 55C. However, some situations can arise causing the temperatures to rise above this (e.g. a pump failure). At 55C, maximum power output capability begins to decrease. At 95C, the amp-output capability hits zero.

CANbus Hall-effect Throttle Input

The QuasaR takes advantage of a new CANbus translator that conditions signals from a Hall-effect throttle device. This type of throttle signal provides the most robust signal possible by keeping the throttle unit completely isolated.

Simple Installation Without Sacrificing Functionality

The QuasaR is very simple to install. All connections are clearly marked both externally and internally. It ships with 4 foot pigtails for the three connectors (low power interface, DC-DC, AC/J1772 input). In addition to the high power cable connections, there are only 16 wires that have to be connected. A brake input line is provided for additional safety to shut the device down when the brake is pressed. An alternate settings input is also available to trigger a different discharge profile. This feature can be used to toggle between two performance modes, with different amp and voltage limitation settings. High current cables are connected through cable glands and directly to the internal bus bars.

Safe, Durable Connections

Consumer safety was of utmost priority when designing the QuasaR. As such, the high voltage terminals on the controller were placed inside the enclosure. This eliminates the need for clumsy add-on devices to shield these high voltage connections and makes for a very clean installation.

All other terminals on the device are automotive quality, waterproof connectors.

External Construction Optimized for Size, Weight, Function, and Durability

The QuasaR weighs in at just under 42lbs. It is approximately 5.5 " high, 14.5 " wide, and 18.5 " long. All core functionality is built into the single unit, eliminating the need to mount multiple enclosures.

The QuasaR enclosure is completely aluminum, with the top and sides being anodized. These plates are not only visually appealing, they also act as an extra heat sink to wick away heat.

The Quality You'd Expect From NetGain

The QuasaR Power Distribution Unit by NetGain Controls, Inc., has the quality you would expect from the NetGain name. The device is built with the highest quality components. Each unit is assembled and tested in a professional electronics assembly facility and shipped in our attractive custom foam packaging.





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