WarP-Drive Interface Module







This device has been developed to interface directly to the WarP-Drive controller over the CANbus communications line. It opens up an amazing array of capabilities. Some of its features include:


  • Datalogging to a microSD card from all internal sensors in the WarP-Drive, some of which are motor current and voltage and battery current and voltage, chillplate temperature, pulse width, throttle position, internal power supply voltages, external supply voltage, error and warning codes, and controller operating state.
  • Firmware upgrades to the WarPDrive
  • Real-time display of the above data parameters on a variety of screens.
  • Real time clock with super-cap battery backup. Set the time once, and even when unplugged, the time will be accurately kept. No buying and disposing of Lithium coin-cell batteries to keep the battery backup working properly!
  • Easy in-vehicle mounting using a windshield suction-cup mount (provided).
  • Powered over the connection to the WarP-Drive so only a single cable is required to operate.
  • Extremely sleek and compact design fits comfortably in your hands.
  • The interface module's firmware can easily be updated by simply obtaining the new firmware file by download, copying the upgrade files to the microSD card, inserting the card into the Interface Module, and power cycling the unit. Seconds later, the unit is running with upgraded firmware.


Price includes Interface Module, microSD card (1GB or 2GB), and windshield mount.

Part #WD-UIM


Price sheet with MSRPs




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