WarP-Drive Performance Liquid Cooling Kits


Liquid cooling is the norm when it comes to cooling for high power electronics. We've discovered that finding the right components that easily and correctly function together can be a real challenge. We've been researching, tweaking, and refining these kits for more than six years to produce the most robust, easy to install systems possible.


Two separate wiring diagram documents are provided below. The first shows how to switch on/off loads such as the liquid cooling system using a simple method that turns the loads on with the key switch. The other diagram shows a slightly more sophisticated method that uses the main contactor control circuit from the controller to turn the loads on. This is desirable as the loads will turn on only after the system has "started". It is very important that the diagram be properly followed or timing for the opening of the main contactor can be affected. We anticipate having a smart control device for the liquid cooling system later in 2012 that will be able to intelligently control the liquid cooling system and motor blower system so that they are only on when they are needed.


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WarP-Drive Performance Liquid Cooling Kit


Designed specifically with the Industrial controller in mind, this kit has both a professional appearance and the highest performance possible. It utilizes -8 AN fittings and hose throughout for a guaranteed leak-free system. The radiator and fan assembly is extremely easy to mount and provides large amounts of air flow to keep your system running cool. Includes everything shown in the picture: 10 feet of extremely high quality AN tubing, a pump that can move up to 1.5 GPM through the system, an aluminum reservoir, and all fittings. A recent addition to the kit are Deutsch connectors on the pump and radiator fan, together with pigtails for both to simplify installation and offer a waterproof connecting solution.


Use the adapters (sold separately below) to match the cooling kit with your particular controller



Installation Manual

Part #WDCK2

Price sheet with MSRPs



WarP-Drive Standard Liquid Cooling Kit


Installation Manual


This complete package is a collection of all the cooling components you'll need for your motor controller. Use the adapters (sold separately below) to match the cooling kit with your particular controller. Package includes:


  • 12V high-flow super-quiet pump
  • Waterproof electrical connectors
  • 6" x 12" finned Radiator
  • 83 CFM 12V 120mm waterproof fans (2)
  • 8 ft. 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) Soft Vinyl tubing
  • Easy to use snap-grip clamps for each connection
  • Automotive quality 1/2 gallon coolant reservoir
  • 1/2" fittings for radiator and reservoir


The 120mm fans can easily be mounted to the pre-drilled holes on the radiator. If you are thinking about getting other cooling components for cheaper, consider that this kit has been researched, tuned, and refined to contain the best liquid cooling components possible for the money. It will allow for more than 1.5GPM to flow through a WarP-Drive controller.

Part #WDCK

Price sheet with MSRPs



Liquid Cooling Kit Adapters


These adapters allow for either of the cooling kits we offer to be matched with either the WarP-Drive Classic or WarP-Drive Industrial controllers. Note: No adapter is required for a Standard Cooling Kit to the WarP-Drive Industrial.


Price sheet with MSRPs


Standard Kit to Classic

Part #CK1WD1

Performance Kit to Classic

Part #CK2WD1

Performance Kit to Industrial

Part #CK2WD1


Standard Kit to 1/8in NPT (Soliton or Zilla)

Part #CK11/8


Performance Kit to 1/8in NPT (Soliton or Zilla)

Part #CK21/8





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